Rev. Msgr. Kevin J. Nelan



Rev. Francis X. Buu
Parochial Vicar



Rev. James D. Flanagan
Parochial Vicar



Deacon Rene’ Garcia
Director of Religious Education



Ms. Margaret Evans
Music Director



Mr. John Matcovich
Parish Business Manager



Ms. Jo Messina
Parish Secretary Emerita



Mr. Manuel Albino
Pastoral Assistant

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During this time that public Masses are suspended the parish priests will be offering Mass privately for the intentions previously arranged. However, if you would like to reschedule an announced Mass Intention to a later date (the first available times are in August), please call the Parish Office at 212-254-0200.

Without our regular Sunday Masses, our collections are drastically down. This paints a desperate financial condition for our daily operations. At this time of crisis your parish continues to need your support. Please continue to bring your offertory envelopes to the church or parish office. A safe and convenient alternative is to use electronic giving: